Nell has been working and studying within the British pagan community since the late 1990’s. Traditionally apprenticed and taught she began training in the craft at the age of 18 and has devoted her life to honouring the gods and ancestors of the British Isles ever since. Over the past 10 years she has worked mainly within the Druid community, as a trustee for the Druid Network and as a priest, teacher and celebrant. She is a writer and Moon Books contributor. Over recent years her focus has been within Heathenry, Seidr and Soul work, and Northern Tradition practices with her magical focus being the gods and stories of Northern mythology. Hers is a religion of nature and stories; the earth, sea and sky of Britain, the magic written in the landscape. She describes herself first and foremost as an Animist exploring the sanctity of relationship with both human and non-human persons and is fascinated with exploring the ethics, philosophy, and alchemy that make those relationships sustainable. As an academic during her day job, her interests are childbirth, women’s studies, gendered knowledge, medical anthropology, politics, law, human rights and personhood. She is currently writing a book which brings together elements of modern Druidry and Heathenry and which may even, one day, be finished.

She can be contacted for correspondence, rites of passage, or comment at redwing_haynes@yahoo.co.uk or through her blog https://theanimistscraft.wordpress.com/


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