Freya’s Shrine

Freya by John Bauer


Hael to you Freya, 

Lady of the Sea, you steer your boat on freedom’s course.

Tawny haired, Amber teared, Falcon feathered.

Walk with me this day and always, I ask you;

Vanadis remind me of the strength of my Grandmothers,

Help me to understand courage,

Teach me of value and how to love.

And help me gracefully and gently to

Let go.


By Phil Woodward

Picture by Darren
Carving by Phil

God post carved by Darren

Altar to Freya by Nell

Altar to Freya by Nell

Copyright remains with contributors


2 thoughts on “Freya’s Shrine

  1. If you would like to leave a prayer, picture or other devotional to Freya, please email and let me know.
    Pictures and prayers can be added to the page. Alternatively feel free to leave a comment.

  2. joannavdh says:

    Hail to my lady of cats – free-spirited, independent and strong. Battle-ready and loving, lady of the heart and the body, know that you are always honoured.

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