Animist Blog Carnival – Animism & Religion


My new article on Heathen Druidry has been included in this month’s Animist Blog Carnival on Religion. This month Heather of Eaarth Animist is hosting.

My article can be found here

I hope you enjoy the fantastic work that has gone into this month’s Carnival.


Animist Blog Carnival – Bioregion

My post on Walking the Cotswold Way has been included in this month’s ABC on Bioregion. Do go and have a look at Therioshaman’s blog . There is lots of interesting and thoughtful stuff to read through.

Place Magic

This month one of my posts has been included in the wonderful Animists Blog Carnival otherwise known as the ABC. This month it is entitled, Place Magic and is hosted by Heather at Adventures in Animism. There are loads of great articles to delve into, a kind of online magazine from animists around the world and hosted by a different blog each month. Enjoy!